I have been working in SharePoint for more than 12 years now. You can call me a SharePoint SME at this point. I provide mid level solutions to all employees in a large organization. My full name is Soumya Bhattacharyya. I am Atlanta based.
I also run a meetup group called SharePoint and O 365 Meetup – Alpharetta Johns Creek Cumming. Running it about 4 years now.
This is by blog where I post something unique and interesting. Mostly results of my SharePoint troubleshooting. Soumya


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mahesh (Lathker) Chandra. J said:

    Hi Soumya,

    This is Mahesh Chandra, from Hyderabad I wanted to learn Sharepoint Administration.

    Can you please help me a good learning center for this course.

    I have no Technical background and i am a lot interested into Sharepoint Administration.

    Can you tell me how much it can help and what will be my future if I learn Sharepoint administration.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Mahesh. Just curious why are you so interested in SharePoint administration out of so many things to chose. Just learning SharePoint administration may not solely help a lot. Rather if you learn both development and administration, that may be helpful. If you do not have any technical background, you should do a lot of certifications.

  2. Hi Sowmya,

    This is sowjanya.
    In my company we planned to migrate to sharepoint cloud right now we are in sharepoint2010.

    do you have any project plan for migration.

    If you have can you please sent it to sowjanya346@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sowjanya,
      For this you will need a third party tool like Metalogix/ DocAve etc. I do not have any project plan template. But there are lot of blogs/ articles from where you will be able to identify steps.

  3. Navin Jampala said:

    Great Blog Soumya, Great piece of organized content to learn. Please visit our blog & website http://www.BinaryRepublik.com and review us.

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